Saturday, June 30, 2007

I went to K-mart, which I should have known would break my heart.
I walked by a man at the edge of the shoe section, who was sitting and looking down at his feet. One was in a blue shoe, and the other foot was next to a black shoe. Canvas slip-ons. He was wearing glasses. What does it mean that I had to fight back tears as I walked towards the home storage aisles?
Maybe he reminded me of my dad. Glasses and sandy hair.
I passed him again and told myself not to look, but there he was, wearing both black shoes and standing up to look at them oh god
Some days I'm just ripped to pieces by the fragility of humanity and I love everyone and I try not to cry on the subway and I come home and listen to Glen Campbell.


stringbeanjean said...

i wrote a post similar to this a while ago.
i had been walking through a clothes store frequented by little old ladies and for some reason, in amongst the twinsets and pleated nylon skirts and silver haired biddies i began to cry. and i had trouble stopping.
and it was inextricably linked to the fact that i was listening to witchita lineman at the time.

things are just sad aren't they?

stringbeanjean said...

i do annie, i so do.
it's a curse, to care like that.
i care so so so much but mostly on such a useless level. i stand in front of the exotic pet store around the corner from me and cry and cry over the big iguana looking sad in it's tank.

i'm actually scared of my i-pod some days. i need to delete anything sad sounding.


stringbeanjean said...

i would be honoured, captain my captain.